FuelUp and PWC launch strategic alliance

FuelUp is entering into a strategic alliance with PwC. FuelUp has developed smart software to help large companies find promising technologies from around the world.

PwC will make connections between FuelUp and clients, so they can innovate and develop faster. The cooperation fits into PwC’s ambition to expand the number of technological alliances and strengthen the consulting practice that deals with digital transformations.

Search for technology

FuelUp is an alumni of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, an accelerator program that PwC works intensively with. The philosophy of FuelUp is that there is probably a solution for every major problem in the world. Only you should be able to find that solution, even if it is from an unexpected angle. For this challenge, the start-up has developed a technology scouting platform. Businesses and investors can use the platform for business intelligence and competitor scans, and it is central to finding technologies to develop or improve existing products and services

Smart solutions

“That makes FuelUp the ideal partner to help our customers from unexpected angles with solving important problems,” says Ilja Linnemeijer of PwC. “The development of technology is so fast that companies sometimes are unable to keep up with the pace. For them, FuelUp’s platform is the missing link in the ongoing search for smart solutions. ”

Emerging technologies

“We see how challenging innovation is for companies. In response, we have built an online platform that uses powerful machine learning algorithms to identify emerging technologies,” said Lucy Howie, CEO of FuelUp. “We are excited about our cooperation with PwC. We can combine our expertise to create value for our clients in delivering new products, services and business models.”

Inspirational trajectories

Linnemeijer has recently witnessed some inspirational engagements. For example, a chemical company that has solved a problem using mining industry technology and a retailer who made great strides using technical innovations from the medical sector.

FuelUp is a 2012-based startup that aims to connect large companies to emerging technologies, mainly developed by start-ups. Want more information? Then contact Lucy Howie.