Startups of the week: Food Tech

Once upon a time, we bought food where and how it was available. Today, with the advancements of food tech, food availability, diversity and procurement exist in a completely different realm.

TechCrunch’s “How Investing In FoodTechnology Can Save The Planet And Improve Human Health” podcast with Ethan Brown and Doug Stevens delved into the ways food technology can influence the climate and the state of health. Taking a cue from their chat, we present a handful of food tech startups from our platform that are taking part in this revolution.


Tellspec: Provides a molecular breakdown of food content via a sensor




Crowbar: Produces food products made with edible insects to provide sustainable and nutritious ingredient alternatives




Ambronite: Drinkable supermeal which supplies all the necessary nutrients of a standard meal, staving off hunger for 4-5 hours




HomeFedEnables people to share a home cooked meal by matching meal-seekers and home-chefs