Startups of the week: Artificial Intelligence

Welcome back to our weekly installment of startups to know, tailored to the latest tech news and happenings!


Earlier this week, The Guardian detailed the findings of Deloitte economists on technology’s affect on the job market and quality of life over the last 140 years in the UK (conclusion: technology has helped not hindered job creation). Upon reading the piece, we decided to scour our platform for artificial intelligence startups. As a science that continues to develop, AI’s significance on the job market will likely spawn its own study in the next 140 years.

Below are a number of relatively new (founded no earlier than 2013) and exciting AI startups that we collected from our platform.

MetaMind: Applies AI to automate image recognition and language understanding

Behavox: AI behavorial monitoring system which analyzes voice and text to determine employee risk

Unbabel: Combines AI with human curation to deliver speedy online translation

Iterative: AI big data engine for telco retailers, helping to optimize day-to-day activity