Startups of the Week: European Startups + Facebook

Global overview of startups powered by or in some association with Facebook. There are over 1,000 such startups in Europe alone, as discovered by our platform.

To take the tech news you read to a new level, every week, we’ll be connecting a trending news topic with hot startups you should know about!

Our startup picks for this week were sparked by a Telegraph UK piece on how Facebook fuels startup growth (particularly in Europe) with its platform. In the last 5 years, Facebook has paid out more than $8 million to developers, and in the last year alone, has contributed over $10 billion dollars to the European economy.

The below European startups (that we’ve pulled from our platform) are currently tapping into Facebook’s platform as part of their business offering: 

NextSocial: Berlin-based social network buying and selling platform with customers in over 50 countries

DropGiftsDutch company which turns Facebook fans into brand ambassadors via social gifting

Getyoo: From Brussels, Getyoo powers offline activities by connecting to social media networks 

Geewa: Czech web and mobile social game platform, counted as one of the Top 100 Facebook applications