Startup Partnerships that are Making Big Waves

Lately, we’ve come across a number of corporate-startup partnerships that have gotten us particularly excited. Major brands have recently announced startup partnerships that not only invite the opportunity to innovate, but also potentially change the current landscape. Microsoft’s partnership with Cyanogen comes as a challenge to Google’s dominance within the Android marketplace, while Volvo and Albedo100’s “LifePaint” establishes Volvo as a brand committed to safety, on top of its reputation for automotive creation. Check out the below for highlights of other exciting collaborations!

Safety: Volvo goes beyond car manufacturing by partnering with startup Albedo100 to bring a reflective spraypaint that can help cyclists appear more visible at night. 

Media: Dutch Startup Vigour partners with MTV and Viacom to allow viewers to enjoy a multi-screen and multi-device experience while watching MTV content.

Mobile: Cyanogen teams up with Microsoft, offering Microsoft products (Skype, Google, Office, Outlook) via their devices without having to rely on Google’s app store or services.

News: Dataminr, a start-up which develops unique algorithms that filter real-time information, has partnered with CNN and Twitter, developing an alert system for journalists to identify the most critical news on the web.