6 Startup-Corporate Partnerships to Know

As a startup-corporate connecting tech company, we make it a priority to stay on top of startup-corporate partnerships that hit the press. On good days, there are too many announcements to contain in a Tweet. Today is one of those days—woo!  Check out the below for a rundown of some interesting partnership news and info.

Fashion: Jewelry startup Cuff partners with Richline, one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the U.S., with whom they will work to release jewelry across Tiffany’s, QVC, and Macy’s.

Nightlife: Tablelist, an online app in which VIP tables and “bottle service” can be booked, will be integrated into Yelp, providing a new capability to the platform. 

Online Delivery: Instacart, the online grocery- delivery app, partners with pets-goods retailer Petco, adding a new retail category for the startup—likely to be the first of many partnerships for Instacart.

Health: Minnesota Health Startup, Gravie, which provides advice and information on healthcare coverage, partners with Target, offering consultations in store.

Science: Genetics startup, 23andMe, will partner with Pfizer, releasing 65,000 individuals’ DNA data anonymously to help find new ways to treat diseases.

Online Shopping: Whitney Sales from Wanelo, a social shopping platform, recounts the experience of her company partnering with Nordstrom’s.