How Are Geckos And Startups Similar?

There are many traits that both startups and Geckos share (and we’re not talking about Gordon). Here are a few uncanny similarities between these little lizards and startups.

Small and agile

Geckos are a smaller species of lizard and move very quickly – sound familiar? Lean startup guru Steve Blank described startups as agile and opportunistic, traits they need to be able to achieve their goal of finding a repeatable business model. Being agile allows them to pivot and act quickly to hurdles and change – things they need to do to survive, similarly to our gecko friends.

Most species rich group of lizard

Startups come in all different shapes, with thousands of ideas springing up from loads of startups the world over. In nature terms, they are the most species rich group of company flooding the market with brand new ideas and technology as well as even finding new untapped markets.

Great climbers

Geckos are amazing climbers being able to walk across practically any surface. Startups strangely also share this trait, with their ability to climb any market. Each startup has a different idea, often solving specific market problems allowing them to find a niche and climb the market effectively.

They lose their tails in defense

Startups are not afraid to dump an idea that isn’t working, especially if it’s damaging the company – fail fast is a commonly heard phrase in the startup world. Geckos have a similar defense mechanism casting off their tails to quickly move away from a bad situation.

Some change colour

Some geckos have the ability to adapt their colour to their surroundings aiding to their survival abilities. Startups survive in the same way. If their idea doesn’t quite work they can often pivot changing certain aspects of the company so they can find their market fit.

Image Credit: Tambako the Jaguar