Success Story #3: Appear Here

Appear Here allow people with great ideas to easily rent vacant spaces. This London-based startup are on the rise with organizations such as Google and Diageo using their service to create pop ups.

Appear Here’s most recent partnership with TFL will be reinventing Old Street underground station with 10 unique retail spaces, marking another big name seeing their potential.


We spoke to Ross Bailey, founder and CEO of Appear Here, to get his insight as a startup working with big names.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you faced working with larger companies? How could these be mitigated?

A: The biggest challenge with larger companies is always the length of time it takes to get decisions made and actions pushed through. It’s important to know from the start exactly who is responsible for what and who everyone should be reporting to so you don’t waste time chasing for information from the wrong people. It’s also difficult for someone in a big company to trust a start up, as there’s much more risk involved than working with an established or traditional business.

Q: What are the benefits of working with large companies?

A: The PR value is undoubtedly a key benefit from working with a large company. It certainly helps to seed your activity into the press if you have a big name attached to your project.

Working with big companies also gives your business the trust factor. When we first started it was hard to get landlords signed up to our platform as no one had heard of us before and no one wanted to risk it. Once we’d signed up some of the UK’s biggest landlords we found it much easier to bring on other landlords – if a British Land trusted their properties with us, so would they.

Finally, large companies give you scale. They are probably going to make a big purchase order or have the ability too, which can help you get market share quickly.


Q: What advice would you give to startups just beginning to work with large companies?

A: Make sure you target the right person in the organisation and also pick an organisation in the first place that is forward thinking and believes in what you are trying to achieve.

Large companies can be your greatest advocate and convincing an organisation known for being a bit of a dinosaur to do something fresh and new can give you Kudos in the market, be sure to make the most of any PR opportunities that come your way.

Finally, don’t be shy of including their logos in a partners / friends section on your site!

Q: Did you specifically plan to work with large organisations?

A: We work with a wide range organisations. From of the biggest companies to simple one-man bands, our purpose is to help people make their ideas happen in great spaces and the size of the organisation is almost irrelevant.

Although, when we started getting landlords to list spaces we focused on some of the large organisations, for us it was intrinsic to get the inventory in prime locations to launch our business and most prime locations are owned by large investment companies. This also gave us a large scale of properties, if we signed up one large landlord we might get forty times the number of spaces as doing the same deal with a small organisation, so it helped us to grow.

Q: How did you go about doing so?

A: How did we go about doing so? We picked up the phone, knocked down doors, gave them a unique value proposition that was relevant to them and convinced them we were the best guys to do it.

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